5 growth ideas for your affiliate campaign

5 growth ideas for your affiliate campaign

Having an affiliate campaign running is only the start of the journey to achieve incremental sales each month. To help develop the growth of your campaign performance, we’ve provided five top tips that could result in quick wins:

  1. Review and incorporate your current marketing activity – If you are using special offers, themed messages or you know that your industry has a peak period, make sure you communicate this with your network and affiliates. Keeping your campaign fresh with promotions and targeted messages will help users interact with your listings at a higher level.
  2. Keep your creative suite up to date – “Banner blindness” can be a real challenge when affiliates are trying to attract users to your site. How long have you had the same creative suite for affiliates to use? If you have a new site design then your banners need to reflect this as well. If you have a change of content with stronger USPs or market leading offers, then you should update affiliates with this as well. The more you can do to make your website match your affiliate exposure, the stronger the level of conversions.
  3. Engage with your top performers – Identify the top performing affiliates in your sector, then aim to work with them so you can optimise your customer touch points. Work with your network to understand the affiliates involvement throughout your ‘buy’ process, you should ensure that you have a variety of affiliate types to reach the widest sales audience.  Each affiliate type engages with customers at different points during the buying cycle, work with these publishers to encourage bespoke placements. Allow for affiliate exclusive offers (commercials or consumer) which will help to increase your popularity with the chosen affiliate and increase the level of site exposure.
  4. Optimise your landing pages – How are your landing pages working – do you have a strong click to quote/sale rate? Driving conversion improvements is an easy way to get more out of the traffic you already receive. This not only increases sales levels for you, but it can work to increase Earnings Per Click (EPC’s) for your campaign and drive greater site exposure with the affiliates.
  5. Improve your Payment Timescales – How quickly are you validating and paying for your tracked transactions? If you don’t validate or pay to the agreed timelines, affiliates may be reluctant to continue to push your campaign.

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