Best Digital Agency for Mobile after huge success in mobile

Best Digital Agency for Mobile after huge success in mobile

Best Digital Agency for Mobile

Optimise Brasil has won the eAwards Braspag Brasil 2016 award for Best Digital Agency for Mobile Solutions. Optimise were awarded Best Digital Agency for Mobile in recognition of having the best service offering, combined with the most innovative and productive solutions for mobile.

For the fifth consecutive year, the eAwards Braspag awards the best companies in ecommerce in Brazil, as well as the agencies that provide the most innovative digital services for brands and companies in the digital sector.

Mobile has moved centre stage in Brazil

In 2015, 38% of Optimise’s network traffic in Brazil came from a mobile device – up from 10% for 2014. In Q1 2016, the share of mobile traffic has sky rocketed to over 80%, together with 84% of transactions now taking place on a mobile device. It’s now clear that Mobile has moved centre stage in Brazil.

These figures are in line with other mobile trends for Brazil:

  • According to eMarketer, Brazil is expected to become the 9th largest mobile ad market globally by 2018 – with mobile ad spend growing from $549m in 2015 to $2.7bn by 2018, with mobile commanding a 54% share of total digital ad spend.
  • Brazil is Latin America’s largest smartphone market, with around 168m smartphones in use with the smartphone having become the primary method used to access the internet
  • A recent PwC Brazil Research indicated that 54% of Brazilian consumers had made a purchase using a smartphone, with 69% of consumers using mobile devices to research products and 63% of consumers using mobile devices to compare prices

Android smartphones are driving Brazil’s mobile growth

Optimise’s mobile trends data for 2015 indicates that it’s the rapid adoption of Android smartphones that are driving the growth in mobile:

  • 57% of transactions came from mobile vs. 9% in 2014
  • 52% of transactions came from smartphones vs. 7% in 2014
  • 96% of smartphone traffic came from Android vs. 70% in 2014
  • 97% of smartphone transactions came from Android vs. 75% in 2014
  • 33% of Optimise’s total network traffic came from Android smartphones vs. 6% in 2014
  • 50% of Optimise’s total network transactions came from Android smartphones vs. 5% in 2014

Brazil is outpacing other global markets

Mobile’s market share of transactions in Brazil is outpacing other global markets that Optimise operates in across the UK and Asia-Pacific. Optimise has seen over 50% of total network transactions in Brazil taking place on Mobile in 2015, compared to 30% in the UK and Asia-Pacific. This data suggests that Brazilian consumers have a relatively high propensity to transact on mobile devices, meaning Brazil is well positioned to take advantage of the worldwide growth in mobile commerce.

Android dominated the mobile market in Brazil in 2015, with a 94% share of total network mobile traffic, compared to 44% in the UK and 84% in Asia Pacific. Across Optimise’s network, Android commanded a 96% market share of total mobile transactions in Brazil, compared to 29% in the UK and 83% in Asia Pacific.

As smartphone adoption in Brazil explodes, it appears that the uncertainty around the Brazilian economy is impacting consumer behaviour, with Brazilian consumers overwhelmingly preferring the more affordable Android smartphone models and far more so than in other emerging Asian markets.

Exporting innovation from Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific is recognised as a world leader in mobile innovation, primarily because Asia-Pacific is the only truly ‘mobile-first’ region where consumers accessed the internet mobile first and mobile only. Across Asia-Pacific, the most popular categories of mobile apps that are helping drive mobile growth for Optimise are in Retail/eCommerce, Travel, Telco, Recharge and Mobile wallets.

Optimise uses post-install event tracking on most mobile campaigns in Asia-Pacific, with in-app CPA campaigns being used with premium brands like Lazada, Agoda and Uber to drive mcommerce transactions.

“Our Advertisers in Asia-Pacific want assurance around ROI from mobile media spend, and key concerns were what happens with the conversion post install, as that’s where the ROI is” says Stephen Rumbelow, Optimise’s Group Strategy Director. He went onto say “that’s why we developed post-install performance marketing solutions, including CPA based mobile advertising, which is the most efficient user acquisition solution. We can export this technology and know-how for the benefit of clients in Brazil and Latin-America.”

Stephen has a degree in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, combined with a wealth of Advertiser and Publisher-side experience spanning Retail, Mobile and Finance, working for high-profile Brands like Aviva, Virgin and Hiscox. Since joining Optimise in 2011, Stephen has helped drive the commercial performance of the UK business through the growth of new publishers and technologies; and International growth through development of a global strategy for new technology and media. Stephen optimises the strategy, shared learning, technical development and revenue growth opportunities across the Optimise International businesses. Contact Stephen -

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