Optimise Launches AppButton

Optimise Launches AppButton

Optimise, the global performance advertising network, announced last week at the India Affiliate Summit that it was launching its new ‘AppButton’ mobile technology solution in Asia-Pacific. The new product is designed to enable non-intrusive mobile advertising by matching context with uses in the format of an ‘AppButton’ integrated as native content within other mobile websites and apps. These ‘AppButtons’ then appear in context to mobile users’ predicted needs and match users’ locations with real-time product inventory.

The new AppButton technology was designed & developed at Optimise’s global headquarters in Norwich (UK) alongside their technology team based in New Delhi.

Optimise works with over 1,400 premium global advertisers in thirty countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin-America, with satellite offices in Delhi, Jakarta, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Warsaw. In 2016, Optimise delivered over $1.1 billion in sales for their clients, which include Tesco Bank, HSBC, Santander, Itaú, Expedia, Agoda, Neckermann, Peugeot, Lazada, Jabong and Flipkart.

Optimise Group CEO, Stephen Rumbelow said “We designed AppButton to solve some pretty fundamental issues with how mobile advertising is being delivered. Mobile users’ have become increasingly frustrated with intrusive mobile ads, with the most widely-used formats of mobile ads going unnoticed, Mobile AdBlock usage surging, and App retention rates being woefully poor.”

Rumbelow goes onto say that “our fundamental reason for being is to get advertisers the best customers from their ad spend, and we know that $billions of ad spend is being wasted on ineffective mobile advertising. AppButton allows us to redefine how mobile advertising is delivered by matching ads with the pace of a ‘mobile-first world’. Our research told us that non-interruption ad formats are broadly accepted by mobile users and ads integrated into the editorial perform the best. Our new AppButton technology allows us to deliver contextually aware native ads that offer mobile users services that are relevant to them right now. When combined with deferred deep-linking and in-app sales tracking we make it easy for mobile users to complete actions, and ensure that we deliver the best ROI from Mobile for our Global clients.”

The Company confirmed that AppButton has launched in the India market with two early adopters – ClearTrip and Flipkart, and that they plan to roll out AppButton across the entire Asia-Pacific region with many large, well-known Retail and Travel brands also preparing to launch with AppButton in the coming months.

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