Optimise sees huge growth potential for mobile in Brazil

Optimise sees huge growth potential for mobile in Brazil

Brazil to become the 9th largest mobile ad market, and global Mobile Ad Spend to Top $200bn

According to eMarketer, global mobile ad spend will surpass $100 billion in 2016, accounting for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure; and is forecast to hit $200 billion by 2019. The leading global digital markets of the US and China are driving this growth, but Brazil is expected to become the ninth largest mobile ad market globally by 2018.

Nearly two thirds of internet users in Brazil are on mobile devices

According to latest figures from Statista, Brazil has 113.7m internet users and 73m mobile internet users, giving mobile a 64% market share – up from 52% in 2013. ‘Brazil has a relatively strong presence of mobile internet and is one of the largest internet markets in the world’ says Stephen Rumbelow, Group Strategy Director at Optimise. Rumbelow goes onto say that ‘there are 37m digital buyers in Brazil, and retail ecommerce sales are worth $20bn. These figures indicate strong growth indicators for the growth of mobile commerce in Brazil and by drawing on our know-how and expertise, and focussing on technology, delivery and service we believe we can help this market grow even more.’

Mobile is moving centre stage in Brazil

Optimise’s mobile data is drawn from over 8m network transactions in 2015, across all of their advertisers in the retail, travel, finance, insurance and utilities verticals in UK, India, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

In 2015 Optimise has seen a rapid adoption of Mobile in Brazil, driven primarily by smartphones:

  • 38% of traffic came from mobile, compared to 10% in 2014
  • 35% of traffic came from smartphones, compared to 8% in 2014
  • 3% of traffic came from tablets, compared to 2% in 2014
  • 57% of transactions came from mobile, compared to 9% in 2014
  • 52% of transactions came from smartphones, compared to 7% in 2014
  • 5% of transactions came from tablets, compared to 2% in 2014

The market share of mobile in Brazil compares very favourably with other markets Optimise is in:

BR mobile

Android smartphones are driving the rapid adoption of mobile in Brazil

In 2015 Optimise has seen Android devices dominate mobile in Brazil:

  • Android accounted for 96% of all smartphone traffic, compared to 70% in 2014
  • iOS accounted 2% of all smartphone traffic, compared to 17% in 2014
  • Android accounted for 97% of all smartphone transactions, compared to 75% in 2014
  • iOS accounted for 3% of all smartphone transactions, compared to 17% in 2014
  • Android accounted for 70% of tablet traffic, compared to 35% in 2014
  • iOS accounted for 22% of tablet traffic, compared to 53% in 2014
  • Android accounted for 89% of tablet transactions, compared to 39% in 2014
  • iOS accounted for 9% of tablet transactions, compared to 54% in 2014

Mobile – Key challenges in Brazil

Where to advertise in mobile?

The mobile ecosystem is complex and it can be difficult to really know which sources of mobile media are the most effective. Consumers in some countries are spending as much as 80% of their mobile time “in-app” and the majority of in-app inventory is sold programmatically through global mobile ad networks. With over 500 global mobile ad networks to choose from, it can be difficult to know which will deliver the highest ROI for your campaign.

When developing a mobile media plan, there are numerous other considerations around which are the most effective media formats and targeting options – mobile web, mobile search, video, native; geo, platform, device, network, city, demographics etc.

Benefits of a performance marketing network like Optimise

The breadth and depth of Optimise’s mobile affiliate network means that their reach spans mobile web, in-app and social; encompasses a wide breadth of affiliate types, such as cashback, coupon, content, display networks, app monetisation platforms, re-targeting, re-charge affiliates; and different ad formats such as in-app display, native, video, social, mobile search, email and SMS.

Optimise are able to help advertisers extend their reach into mobile and provide instant volume in virtually every region across the world. They can deliver volume and value of sales by combing global affiliates with affiliates local to the country they’re operating in.

‘Over the last 12-months Optimise has delivered in excess of 2.5m app downloads for our advertisers in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America. This unrivalled expertise and insight allows us to recommend the most effective sources of traffic, ad formats and affiliate mix to achieve advertisers’ campaign objectives’ says Stephen Rumbelow, Optimise Group Strategy Director.

Technically at Optimise we work with our own SDK where we can track all types of mobile or in-app conversion (views, cliks, installs, posts, leads, sales, subscriptions, etc., although, we can work automatically with any tracking mobile platform for example: Tune; Appsflyer; Adjust; Apsalar; since Optimise technology is certified globally.

Our team of expert consultants design the mobile campaigns with brands in the appropriate purchasing models to achieve the desired results and build long-term relationships. “In the last quarter we had the opportunity to work directly with major brands that have invested more than 200 thousand Brazilian reais in mobile at Optimise, bringing amazing returns and building a data history that make us more experienced and assertive to deliver results on mobile devices” says Lucila Vazquez, Head of Client Services at Optimise in Brazil.

How do I protect my ROI from mobile marketing spend?

‘Most advertisers want assurance around achieving ROI from their mobile media spend and key concerns are what happens with the conversion post install, as that’s where the ROI is’ says Stephen Rumbelow, Group Strategy Director at Optimise. ‘In Asia-Pacific, our Advertisers demand more stringent quality metrics for their mobile campaigns, which we are happy to support through our unrivalled performance marketing and high-quality technology offering.’

Optimise has a range of mobile marketing solutions to ensure advertisers only pay out on the actions most valuable to them – whether that’s installs, registrations or sales. They combine this with innovative mobile technology solutions to ensure they deliver volume and value of sales:

  • Post-install event tracking – to monitor all ‘events’ critical to the conversion post install, such as registrations, accounts opened and transactions.
  • Real-time reporting – to monitor in real-time which sources of traffic are driving users who actually engage with apps and spend as they would like them to.
  • Deferred deep-linking – pushing metadata through the App Store and right into the App to deliver users unique “landing pages” that match the pre-install intent, which increases engagement by converting installs into active and monetized users.
  • In-app sales tracking – to facilitate the growth of affiliate mcommerce for new and repeat transactions on a CPS performance model. In Southeast Asia, Advertisers like Lazada are generating significant volumes of in-app sales via the Optimise mobile affiliate network.
  • Native SDKs – which enable affiliates to optimise product and coupon feeds for their mobile apps, which encourages app engagement and new and repeat transactions. This also enables Optimise to develop activity from social media platforms and messaging apps.

Campaign optimisation

‘Post-install event tracking means we can monitor results against advertisers’ campaign objectives and continuously optimise campaigns real-time’ says Lucila Vazquez-Echegaray, Head of Client Services at Optimise. ‘We help advertisers aggregate traffic from a wide variety of sources and enable them to hedge traffic buying by focusing on those traffic sources that deliver the highest value users. This delivers a more effective user acquisition strategy by optimising ad spend across traffic sources that generate the most users with the highest lifetime value at the lowest cost. ‘

Optimise Head of Sales for Brazil, Raquel Miguel believes that ‘Performance Marketing Networks, like Optimise, can provide significant volume potential in mobile, but it’s imperative this is combined with understanding the conversion and the value of users post-install, as that’s where the ROI is. ‘

Stephen has a degree in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, combined with a wealth of Advertiser and Publisher-side experience spanning Retail, Mobile and Finance, working for high-profile Brands like Aviva, Virgin and Hiscox. Since joining Optimise in 2011, Stephen has helped drive the commercial performance of the UK business through the growth of new publishers and technologies; and International growth through development of a global strategy for new technology and media. Stephen optimises the strategy, shared learning, technical development and revenue growth opportunities across the Optimise International businesses. Contact Stephen - Stephen.Rumbelow@optimisemedia.com

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