Developer SDKs

We provide a range of simple, easy-to-integrate SDKs that let you tap into our advanced mobile tracking technology and optimise earnings by driving in-app sales and app installs.

Our SDKs give you the ability to track every event, from installs, clicks and subscriptions to level completions, purchases and upgrades. We can even deep-link post-install, and our advanced app-to-app tracking enables clients to record secondary app installs and the subsequent transaction activity within the new app.

Advertiser SDKs

Our advertiser SDKs for mobile web and mobile apps let advertisers track sales, events and installs across iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices whatever their source, as well as deep-linking post-install.

Publisher SDKs

• Native content SDKs enable product feeds to be optimised for mobile by relevant mobile affiliates, such as comparison sites and cashback sites
• Simple and easy to integrate, our native content SDKs enable affiliates to benefit from our advanced mobile tracking and product feed technologies
• Affiliates can fully optimise their mobile traffic, apps, social networks, keywords and mobile media through product feed walls, social ShareButtons, AppButtons and ProductLinks.