WeSwap Launches on Optimise Affiliate Network

WeSwap Launches on Optimise Affiliate Network

WeSwap is an innovative peer-to-peer travel money service allowing travellers to have access to exceptionally competitive rates and cheaper currency via a multi-currency prepaid card.

Rather than buying currency from a bank or elsewhere, WeSwap matches up travellers exchanging in opposite directions and enables the swap of currencies. By removing the middlemen, everyone receives better rates and more to spend abroad.

WeSwap converts the money at the real exchange rate (the interbank or mid-market rate) and charges just 1%, which is up to 10 times cheaper than banks, bureaus, airports and other traditional outlets.

All money is loaded on the multi-currency, chip and PIN protected WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard® you get for free when you sign up. It’s simple, cheap and safe to spend too.

Other benefits include:

  • The WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard® supports multiple currencies at once, so you can carry Euros, US Dollars and more on the one card.
  • Fully supported mobile app on either iOS or Android, so you can check your balance and top up your card on the move.
  • Free top up by debit card or bank transfer.
  • Free to spend in shops, hotels and online.
  • Free ATM withdrawals over £200.
  • No application fee, annual fee or POS transaction fees.

Sign Up Now

Affiliates can earn £8-10 per valid sale when promoting WeSwap through the Optimise Affiliate Network. With such great incentives, sign up now and start promoting WeSwap today.

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