Reward Solutions

Our cutting-edge referral and incentive-marketing solutions are used by leading blue-chip brands throughout the UK and Europe. We offer unique out-of-the-box solutions to optimise sales and ARPU from win-back, cross-sell, retention- and acquisition-driven marketing campaigns, all designed to deliver an integrated customer and brand experience, a fully managed service and a wide selection of possible rewards.


Technology platform

Our rewards technology is built on our highly flexible performance marketing platform. We use it to create customised customer experiences featuring all the components you need – customer interface, email, tracking, enquiry management and more. Also, we fully understand the strict data security and privacy controls required by our blue-chip clients.

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Refer a friend

Refer-a-friend marketing optimises word-of-mouth referrals through social media, email, mobile or offline. People trust recommendations from friends more than any other form of advertising, making refer a friend a highly effective channel that attracts longer-lasting customers who deliver a higher ROI.

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Increase sales through incentive-marketing campaigns that drive new customer acquisition, cross-sell, retention and win-back. With our reward solutions, you can promote incentive-marketing campaigns across all key channels – online, direct mail, call centres and in-store. Incentive marketing is highly effective – customers gained through this channel typically remain 19 months longer than others.

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Fulfilment services

Our standalone, fully branded fulfilment service lets you deliver rewards to your customers in a service-level driven manner, with bundled customer enquiry management and data de-duplication monitoring options. You can also access a wide range of rewards from leading providers in the UK and Europe, including Tesco, Amazon, John Lewis and M&S.

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Case studies

We’re always finding new and exciting ways to leverage our Reward Solutions technology to drive performance. Read our success stories to see how we’ve optimised sales and value for our clients.

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