Refer A Friend

With our Refer a Friend reward solutions you can drive new-customer acquisition through word-of-mouth referral – the most powerful form of marketing there is. Your campaigns can be tailored to reward the referrer, the new customer or both, using an omnichannel promotional approach which integrates online, in-store and call-centre channels. We even support a variety of reward types and A/B testing to optimise your ROI.

Our technology platform is easy to integrate, is fully branded and takes care of everything from the user journey and tracking/reporting right through to fulfilment and customer query resolution. We’ll track, source and fulfil the rewards on your behalf, and deliver a bespoke interface giving you full transparency on performance MI and optimisation options, so you can concentrate on the things most important to you.


Optimise more value from your customer base

You can optimise greater value from your existing customer base by giving customers the opportunity to promote your brand and products to their friends and reward them when their friends purchase from you. We can help you optimise your earned and owned media assets to encourage your customers to become brand advocates. This can drive positive customer engagement, more cost effective sales and higher customer lifetime value – referring customers are more likely to remain with you for longer.

Amplify your sales reach

Customers who have just purchased from you tend to be more highly engaged with your brand and more predisposed to sharing the wisdom of their purchase decision with their friends – good customers typically know other good customers. We help make it easy for you to amplify sales by enabling newly acquired customers to refer a friend through an easy, seamless customer experience.

Drive word-of-mouth referrals from your call centre

Our Refer a Friend technology platform can be easily integrated into your call centres to support a refer-a-friend conversation and helping generating sales from positive customer interactions.

Optimise customer surveys to drive referrals and sales

Customer surveys are an effective way to encourage customers to refer your brand and products to their friends though an incentive. This can help drive positive brand engagement and sales, with this group of brand advocates becoming an integral part of your social sharing community and wider customer engagement strategy.



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